Our Services

We are absolutely dedicated to making the loan process smooth and stress free for our clients.  Our commitment is demonstrated in our dedicated Loan Originators, leading edge technology, competitive rates and fees, and experienced support staff.

Veritas Funding has built it’s enviable reputation by putting our clients’ experience first.  We have dedicated substantial resources to enhance our ability to provide industry leading service at competitive pricing. 

The experience begins with our best of class Loan Originators.  We only hire the top Loan Originators who put their client’s experience and well being before their own compensation.  Our Loan Originators are supported by some of the best processors in the industry.  Uniquely, all of our processors are licensed Loan Originators, giving them the experience and training necessary to efficiently prepare the loan for closing. 

Our operations staff underwrites, closes and funds nearly all of our loans in-house.  Our clients’ files are not shipped to a remote operations center for underwriting and closing.   This gives us the ability to give quick and reliable answers to our clients, reducing the stress and anxiety often associated with the loan process.

Quite simply, we love taking care of our borrowers like they were family and we have the resources to do so better than anyone else in the industry.

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